Alpha 200 / T5 Bundle


New Garmin Alpha 200i handheld with a T5 training collar. Same handheld tracking unit as is sold in the TT15 Bundle, but the T5 doesn’t have the stim and tone training features.  The T5 Bundle is just a tracking system, but don’t let the word “just” fool you. This baby also tracks up to 20 dogs up to 9 miles  with 2.5 second update rates. The 200i has a larger display touchscreen than the Alpha 100 (3.5″ vs 3″), and InReach Technology interactive SOS alerts and two-way messaging via the Iridium satellite network (subscription required for that). New features added to Start New Hunt tool such as the ability to activate and deactivate different dogs. New hunt metrics, reorganized submenus, preloaded mapping, and direct -to-device birdseye satellite imagery (no subscription needed). Same rugged waterproof construction and a 3-axis compass and altimeter. Free shipping (UPS Ground.)

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