1″ Tufflex Leather Feel Dog Collar


TufFlex Leather-Feel Dog Collars are bright and sturdy; made of a pliable, waterproof material  remains flexible to -20F degrees. They feel good to the touch and should last an eon. 1” wide and includes a D Ring. Odor free. Buckle closure. Multiple colors — TufFlex dog collars are great for color-coding dogs that look alike in the field. Made in USA.


TUFFLEX Leather-Feel Dog Collar

neck size           collar size
12 – 14”                 15”
15 – 17”                 17”
18 – 19”                19”
20 – 21”               21”
22 – 23”               23”

To determine collar size, use a soft tape measure and measure the dog’s neck where the collar would rest while the dog is sitting.

If you are measuring an existing collar, measure from the center of the buckle to the middle hole on the other end.

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