Laser Engraved Dog Collar Nameplate


Tell the world why they should really return your dog. These laser engraved dog collar nameplates are the perfect ID tag to get your Ugly Dog home. Who cares about the reward or that they need meds? The quills hanging from their lips should be plenty to get the poor finder to not be a keeper.



Our custom Laser Engraved Dog Collar Nameplates let you tell the world why they should return your dog if it happens to get lost. Whether they are chasing a deer, rendezvousing with a coyote in a cozy cave, or finally chewing a hole through your fence, these custom laser Dog Collar ID tags maximize the chances they get back to you.

Sure, the normal thing to do is to add *Reward* or *Needs Meds*. But, let’s be honest, having a nameplate confirm the dog does indeed have a porky preference will have their captor dialing your number before they can put the truck in drive.

Common submissions include:

  • Rips Birds – Please Call
  • Breathe Smells Like Death
  • Coyote Connoisseur
  • Has Noxious Gas

Order installed on a collar in your cart (add one here) or as a stand-alone tag added yourself. Please specify when ordering.

Size: 2.75″ x .75″

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