K9 Komfort Check Cord


The K9 Komfort Check Cord, the key to training is connectivity with your dog, and this tool belongs in every trainers kit.


The K9 Komfort Check Cord is an exceptional check cord to assist with training your dog at all levels. Available in orange, pink, and neon green, you won’t lose sight of it in the field.

We offer a 10′, 20′, and 30′ length each offering your dog a bit more freedom as they age and develop. Longer versions also give you more opportunity stay connected when it’s free running and dragging the cord.

The 1/2 width makes it versatile and easy to handle. Waterproof, doesn’t stink, and color will last. This material also cleans easily with a wet towel or Clorox wipe.

Puppy Pro-Tip: Buy 2. One 10′ for the house and the yard while they’re young. And, a 20′ or 30′ for when they’re older and need a bit more freedom and distance when training.

Made in the USA.