Wetmutt Sporting Dog Mat


WetMutt Sporting Mats, the ultimate kennel mat to keep your Ugly Dog comfortable and out of whatever mess they drag in with them.


WetMutt Sporting Dog Mats are designed to withstand all conditions and temperatures. Waterproof, odor-resistant, antimicrobial, lightweight, and shock-absorbing, these mats ensure a soft ride for your canine companion.

Utilizing closed-cell technology, the WetMutt Sporting Dog Mat maintains integrity and can be cut to size without affecting performance. Your dog will arrive feeling refreshed and ready to perform, thanks to the comfort provided by these mats.

While these mats are extremely durable, it’s important to note that no product is entirely chew-proof or immune to diggers.

Due to the unique manufacturing process, slight variations in dimensions may occur.

Please avoid leaving the mat in the sun to dry, we recommend air drying in the shade.

While these mats can be used with RuffLand Kennels, they may require trimming for a precise fit. Let us do it for you by selecting the appropriate size in the drop-down menu ($10 fee).

Uncut sizes:

Small – 28″ x 18″
Medium – 34″ x 22″ (Shipping 5/28)

*NOTE – WetMutt is running far behind their manufacturing schedule. Order now to ensure you have what you need for your dog.