Ugly Dog Firehose Training Dummy


This bumper is made of rot-resistant, woven polyester firehose with a granulated cork core. The webbing self-seals itself after each tooth puncture. It’s the longest-lasting dummy on our shelf. Outstanding logo proves Ugly Dog’s devotion. Bird-like heft. 100% cork core, double sewn seam. Made in USA


Want to start your dog off on the right foot for retrieving? Look no further than the Ugly Dog Firehose Training Dummy.

This is your key to success when starting out young dogs for retrieving. It is the most realistic feeling training dummy out there, softer than plastic dummies means it’s easy on puppy teeth, too!

Weighted for realistic feel and increased oomph when throwing, these firehose training dummies will have your pup retrieving in no time.

Young pup? Start small, then work up to the bigger, heavier size. Hold & carry conditioning starts early!


  • Orange or white color options
  • Rigid sideseam mimics the breastbone of birds
  • Hi-visibility orange throw rope
  • Hangs easily to store and dry
  • Perfect for land and water