Dogtra 2702 T&B Dog Training and Beeper Collar


Dogtra has improved its popular two-dog 2502 T&B with enhanced sensors and a High-Performance Pager vibration system. Included are two collars, 127 nick/constant stimulation levels, and three beeper modes. Notably, it features built-in downward-facing beeper horns for added comfort.


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The Dogtra 2702 T&B Dog Training and Beeper Collar, is suitable for upland hunting. It offers control and long-range tracking up to 1 mile. Additionally, with three beeper modes – Point-Only, Run/Point, and Locate – and equipped with an Accelerometer sensor, it ensures accurate tracking and detection. Featuring 127 Nick/Constant stimulation levels, the new HPP vibration system, and Enhanced Contact Points, it guarantees accurate control.

Furthermore, the Dogtra 2702 T&B Dog Training and Beeper Collar boasts a unique single-body, downward-facing beeper horn integrated into the receiver. Consequently, it reduces bulkiness and the risk of catching on obstacles like fences during field use.

Moreover, available in a 2-dog system such as the 2702T&B, it provides flexibility for multi-dog owners. Additionally, it comes with an IPX9K waterproof rating, ensuring protection against water ingress. Rigorously tested with powerful water jets at high pressure and temperature. Dogtra’s IPX9K rating confirms superior waterproofing, making it best for various environmental conditions.