Huntsmith Chaps


Sailors at the turn of the century coated their ships’ sails with linseed and whale oil to protect the fabric against wet weather…thus creating oilcloth. In the field, hunters benefit from the water repellent nature of the cloth as well as its dependable protection against briars and thorns. Huntsmith Collection chaps are top of the line in the quality of the oilcloth, construction, and detailing. When they outlast all the other brush pounding leg coverings around they’ll prove themselves well worth the price. Unisex. 6.5oz. 100% oilcloth, 10oz. canvas liner, brass hardware, adjustable velcro belt loops. See size chart below.  Made in USA.

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inseam    28-30”   30-31”   30-31”   31-32”    32-33”    32-33”   32-33”
thighs      20.75”     22”          23”        25”          26”          27”         28”