Game Bird Shears and Knives

knife sharpener

browning dirty bird knife

The name ‘dirty bird” sure sounds like it belongs in the world of Ugly Dog. Unique drop point blade design offers superb balance and easy handling in tight places like wing joints. The 440 stainless steel, 3/5” folding blade has a liner lock. G-10 handle, thumb stub opening. Comes with pocket clip.

440 stainless steel
folding blade has a liner lock
G-10 handle, thumb stub opening
pocket clip

UD 3059 $29  

Made in USA.

kershaw taskmaster shears

kershaw taskmaster shears

By day, these taskmasters are a set of game shears. By night, they moonlight at a variety of jobs. Besides the super sharp, quail-bone-crunching serrated blade edge, these shears also have a bone notch, nutcracker, lid lifter, screwdriver, and bottle opener. Sort-of a soup-to-nuts kind of tool. Leather sheath included. Overall length 8-7/8”, 5.1 oz.

serrated blade edge
bone notch, nutcracker, lid lifter, screwdriver, and bottle opener
overall length 8-7/8”, 5.1 oz.

UD 3007 $39  

UD 2031 $69  

black horse II knife

Kershaw’s Black Horse II has a finger-contoured co-polymer handle for maximum ergonomic gripping in wet, muddy, slimey, and gritty conditions. Its clip-point blade configuration increases maneuverability for close cutting. Includes a camo nylon sheath. The stainless steel blade is made of high-carbon 440A, the toughest of the high chromium cutlery grades. RealTree Hardwoods HD pattern. Made in USA.

  3-3/4” blade; 4-7/8” closed length; 4.6 oz.

None of the products on this page are guaranteed safe for use by hunting dogs. Even if you think Blinko the Wonder Pointer is smart enough to build a fire, open a brew, and clean a grouse himself, when it comes to liability, we’re off the hook.

knife sharpener

two-stage knife sharpener

The cutting edge in sharpeners. Fired stones made from a blend of aluminum silica and ceramic create a superb sharpening surface in this two-stage sharpener.

sharpens both sides of the blade at once
stones placed to guide knife at perfect angle
white fine-grit stones give final polish

UD 1739 $19  

Made in USA.

chatellier's game sauce

chatellier’s rare game sauce

This delicious game sauce has the perfect flavor to enhance grouse, steak, pheasant, and venison. Works as a marinade, dip or baste for everything from grouse mcnuggets to appetizer quail legs. Sweet and spicy. Size: 18 oz. jar.

UD 3011 $12  

products we’d like to see…

shot pellet locator beacon. Activates on contact with bird flesh or feather to help you find downed birds when your dog is headed in the other direction. Also called the “you-can-run-but-you-can’t hide gotcha sensor.”

stealth dog. Never seen or heard by waterfowl or upland birds. Deluxe model comes with back-up nose and own ordinance.

laser thorn eliminator. Hooks to your belt, automatically senses and obliterates thorns before they launch an attack.

wiffle shotgun. Lightweight for long days in the field. Shoots wiffle shot. Hits wiffle birds.