Ultra Paws Rugged Hunting Dog Boots


Ultra Paws says these are ultra easy with an ultra fit. We’ll increase the redundancy and say they are also ultra rugged and ultra flexible. To put on: open the two closures, squeeze the boot into an “O” shape, and slip the paw in. Tighten the lower then upper closure and voila! Mr. Big Dog is ready to go. Velcro straps, wrapped toe area, expanding side seams. Water resistant, made from nylon wrapped with Reprotek, these work on asphalt, gravel, rocks, cactus, snow, ice, sand burrs, mud and inlaid jelly beans. Sizes S – XL. See sizing info below. Set comes with four boots — 2 front, 2 rear.

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To determine boot size, measure the distance across your dog’s paw. (The dog should be standing with his or her weight on the paw.) Add .25″ to allow extra room to spread.

Small        2.25″

Medium   2.75″

Large        3.25″

X-Large   4.00″