The Ugly Bird Bag


It’s a bird bag, this isn’t rocket science.

Fit all your birds in one bag.

Keep the crap off you.

Made in the USA.


The Ugly Bird Bag is your one-stop shop for bird bag needs in training. The 12″ opening can accommodate ducks and pheasants with ease, while the built in snaps can be used to neck down the opening for quail, chukar, and pigeons.

This bag was intentionally designed with NAVHDA in mind, knowing one training session often includes a variety of birds.

The Ugly Bird Bag includes:

  • Large 12″ opening
  • Button snaps for security (NO MORE BINDER CLIPS!)
  • Full nylon back face (who wants bird poo on them?)
  • Nylon face pocket (great for gloves and bird markers.)
  • Extra large capacity (testing fit 4 ducks and loads of pigeons)
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Made right here in Minnesota.