Dogtra 2702 T&B Dog Training and Beeper Collar


Dogtra has taken its super popular two-dog 2502 T&B (yes, that stands for trainer and beeper) and boosted its performance with an enhanced sensor and a High Performance Pager vibration system.  This system still comes with two collars, 127 nick/constant stimulation levels, three beeper modes (run & point, point only, locate), adjustable sound levels, and the best feature –  built-in, downward facing beeper horns rather than the add-on horns most systems use that rides on the back of the neck. One mile range, 2 hour rapid charge batteries. Waterproof receiver and transmitter. The 2702 also has improved contact points, very important when Marauding Max decides high velocity escape maneuvers are the best way to avoid training. The 2702 T&B runs two dogs with a different tone assigned to each dog. If you run just one dog, the 2700 T&B has all the same functions but offers a choice of high and low tones.

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