Pemmikan Dog Energy Bar


Odd name aside, Kronch Pemmikan provides the energy boost hard working hunting dogs need, plain and simple. Fat (59%), protein (24%) and glucose overcome and prevent hypoglycemia, providing digestive energy in a small ration. Ingredients: lard, vegetable fat, fish meal, dextrose, corn, barley, brewer’s yeast, rice, sugar and garlic. The effects take about a half hour after eating and peak in about an hour and a half. The bars can be easily broken into small portions so you can divide the daily ration up and give it throughout the day. Judging from our test dogs’ enthusiastic consumption, it tastes jowl drooling good, too.

Package contains one 400g bar that can be broken into 8 pieces. Daily ration is approx. 100-200g per day, depending on the dog’s weight and activity level.

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