Heat N Breeze


Like the Hound Heater, the Heat-n-Breeze kennel heater will keep your hunting buddy toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. Safe and effective: Flip a switch, turn the thermostat clockwise, and the Heat-n-Breeze is a heater. Flip another switch, adjust the thermostat, and it’s back to being a ventilator. The covers protecting the controls are locked using a simple allen/hex screw, and the cord is spring protected to prevent chewing. Easy to install, screws and accessories for installation included. For you tech geeks: the Breezer fan has a 30,000 hr. rated life at 18 watts and the heating element has a 50,000 hr. rated life at 150 watts (replaceable). Thermostat +/- 4 degrees F; 100,000 cycle rated life, 8’ cord with a 3-prong grounded end. UPS Ground shipping only. Made in USA.