Protective Gear for Your Hunting Dogs

deluxe hunting dog boots

Slide the dog’s foot in from the front, pull up the zipper, fold the neoprene flap over and secure the velcro straps. (Much easier than it sounds.) These boots will stay on. We run a variety of dogs in snow, mud, and ice, and never lose a boot. Also great for protecting paws and ankles from rough terrain, burrs, thorns, and hot surfaces. Reprotek rubber bottoms. Made in USA.

3mm high quality neoprene stabilizer
nylon zipper zips when wet and never rusts
stabilizer prevents twisting or sliding
two velcro tabs and nickel-plated rings
1000 Denier Cordura
Reprotek rubber bottoms grip and cushion
set of four boots
Color: Blaze Orange
UD 1674 $48  

how to determine size:
Measure the paw from the longest nail to the end of the rear pad.

X-small 2.00" to 2.25"
Small 2.25" to 2.75"
Medium 2.75" to 3.25"
Large 3.25" to 3.75"
X-Large 3.75" to 4.25"

deluxe hunting dog boots