Dog Collars

How To Determine Collar Size

With a soft tape measure, measure the dog's neck where the collar would rest while the dog is sitting. Then check the charts below for the collar you've selected. If the dog's neck size exceeds 24", forget the collar and buy a lasso.

Mendota and Remington Collars   Reflective and Tuflex Collars
Neck Size Collar Size   Neck Size Collar Size
12" 14"   12"-14" 15"
14" 16"   15"-17" 17"
16" 18"   18"-19" 19"
18" 20"   20"-21" 21"
20" 22"   22"-23" 23"
22" 24"      
24" 26"      

mossy oak duck blind collar

Camo up your duck dog with Remington’s thick woven nylon camo collar. Buckle closure.

1” double-ply (best for large dogs)

Color: mossy aok
UD 2037


waterproof reflective collar

Blaze orange by day, reflection strip by night, both on the same collar, so your canine hunting partner is visible dawn to dusk. Waterproof. Center ring and D-ring, 1” width. Made in USA.

center ring and D-ring
1” width; specify length when ordering

Color: Orange
UD 2028


tufflex collars

These bright, sturdy collars are made of a pliable, waterproof material called TufFlex that remains flexible to -20F degrees. They feel good to the touch and should last an eon. Center ring with D-ring, 1” wide. Odor free. Buckle closure. 5 colors -- great for color-coding dogs that look alike in the field. Made in USA.
Sizes: 15”, 17”, 19”, 21”, 23”

center ring and D-ring
1” width; specify length when ordering

Colors: Hi-Viz Colors: Green, Yellow, Pink, Red, Blue
UD 2027

Tufflex Puppy Collars

tufflex puppy collars

Tufflex is waterproof and rugged, so your baby bird dog can chase frogs in the rain and roll in the mulch knowing his collar will clean and dry quickly. It’s also soft, smooth, and flexible to keep puppy necks happy. Size: 14” x 3/4”
Made in USA.

Hi Viz Colors: Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue, Red, Orange

center ring and D-ring
3/4” width; specify length when ordering

Size: 14” x 3/4”
UD 2103

 mendota's double braid dog collars

18" Camo UD 1621
21" Camo UD 1622
24" Camo UD 1623
18" Orange UD 1621-1
21" Orange UD 1622-1
24" Orange UD 1623-1
18" Hi-Viz UD 1702
21" Hi-Viz UD 1703
24" Hi-Viz UD 1704

mendota collars

Mendota’s double-braid collars are infinitely adjustable (no holes; you just poke through), soft, and thick. The center ring makes clipping a lead a cinch. Waterproof polypropylene. UV coated against decay and fading, non-corrosive brass hardware. Three color options cover upland or duck hunting. Made in USA.

waterproof multifilament polypropylene
UV coated against decay and fading
non-corrosive brass hardware
3 big dog sizes
2 junior dog sizes (without center ring)

Colors: Camo, Orange, Hi-Viz


mendota biothane safety collars

Biothane is durable in hard wear, pliable in cold temps, quick in the clean up and smooth to the touch. Won’t hold stinky field smells, either. The “safety” concept comes from the center ring which helps the collar flip if caught, but also applies to the high visibility screamin’ bright colors. 1 inch wide. Made in USA. Sizes: 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”
Colors: Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink

center ring and D-ring
1” width; specify length when ordering

Colors: Colors: Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink
UD 4001

brass dog tags

Classy looking and more secure than dangling tags. Rivets let you install the tag on any type of collar except puppy collars. Buy tags separately or installed on a collar bought from Ugly Dog.

brass dog tags

.75” x 3”
up to 3 lines
up to 16 characters per line (spaces count as a character)

Tag only
Line 1: 
Line 2: 
Line 3: 
UD 1840 $5  

Note: Individual tags, purchased without a collar, will be shipped via United States Postal Service at no charge. If you request Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air shipping, our standard shipping rates will be charged.

Tag installed on collar purchased from Ugly Dog - if ordering this tag, please be sure you have included a collar (above) in your order for each tag here. For tags-only (not installed on a collar), use the item above.
Line 1: 
Line 2: 
Line 3: 
UD 1839 $7  

leather center-ring dog collars
leather center-ring collar

Almost too classy for Ugly Dogs. This top grain Latigo leather collar is practical, too. The center ring allows the collar to flip over and release the dog if it gets caught on something. 1” wide, brass center ring. Elegant paired with a leather lead.Made in USA.

hand-crafted, top grain leather
brass center ring
1” width

UD 1806 $17  

waterproof center-ring dog collars
waterproof center-ring collar

Remington waterproof collars have many advantages over those pretty patterned pet store cotton models: They won’t get stinky and rot, and they dry quickly which means your dog won’t get stinky and rot. They resist oily build-up, too. Center ring. Made in USA.

center ring for safety release and lead attachment
1” width fits add-on beepers and e-collar receivers

Colors: Orange
UD 1804 $10  

leather center-ring dog collars

duro-soft hunt collar

This Mendota leather look-alike collar is made of a super tough, waterproof material called betathane, popular in equine products. It has a 60A durometer PVC coating and classic leather grain embossed pattern – the best of both worlds, leather look and PVC tough. 1” wide; non-corrosive hardware. Made in USA.

top-grain, strong Latigo leather
1” wide; non-corrosive hardware
14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”

Colors: Brown or Orange
UD 1948 $17  

magic marker collar light

Slide this flexible light band on your dog’s collar so you can see him when he slinks away for a midnight adventure. It can either glow or flash a brilliant red-orange light visible over a mile. Lightweight with a reflective outer covering. Push button on / off switch. Velcro loops.

replaceable batter (100,000 hrs. L.E.D. use)

UD 2068 $14  

magic marker collar light

sportdog locator beacon

This waterproof safety and locator light comes in a choice of five colors, all of which will either shine constantly or flashing, selectable with the push of a button. Up to 250 hours of on-time light on two replaceable CR2032 batteries. Fits both 1” and 3/4” collars. Cute little spud comes with its own carabiner in case you want to hang it somewhere.
Specify color when ordering.

UD 3053



The PupLight not only makes your dog highly visible at night, it lights the way for both of you walking on leash. Three ultra-bright LEDs cast a wide beam of light up to 200 feet ahead, so off leash, when he slides behind a tree to attend to business, you’ll still be able to spot him.

Bonus: PupLight is for you, too, as a head lamp for walking, working, or cleaning birds after dark.

adjustable elastic fits 8”-26” neck sizes
uses 3 AAA batteries (not included)
heavy duty plastic casing; 2.5 oz.

UD 1957 $19  



Two bells for all you anti-beeper folks to choose from. Select according to the size of your dog, the range, and the cover. Bigger dog, bigger range... bigger bell. Nylon strap attaches to collar.

two sizes nickel plated cow bells
nylon strap attaches to collar

small cow
large cow



lighted dog collars

lighted collar, lead

This illuminated collar and lead provide remarkable visibility in the dark, so you can see where your canine companion is raiding the trash, tracking a skunk or doing his nightly business. Water-resistant. Press on-off switch. LED / fiber-optic illumination up to 1000’. Specify collar size when ordering.

LED / fiber optic illumination up to 1000 feet
water resistant
squeeze on-off switch

UD 1810 $25  

Color: Blaze
UD 1811 $24