About Us

My dogs are gear freaks. When they see the hunting collars, shotguns and vests come out of the closet they become German wirehaired Tasmanian devils. Then the shorthairs jump in to the frenzy and — no joke — I have to grab earmuffs off the counter before the bird dog volume explodes my eardrums. They love their hunting gear. Being in the business, I love testing new gear and I appreciate the importance of having stuff that works. Years ago, I wasted time too much time fixing beeper settings and rubbing up blisters when leaky boots gummed up my socks. Whether you’re a gear freak or a gear phobe, we all agree that having rugged reliable hunting  clothes and equipment can make or break a hunt.

The Ugly Dog Hunting inventory is filled with products from top-of-the-line manufacturers such as Avery, Boyt, Garmin, Browning and Mud River along with many other hunting and dog gear companies noted for practical design, excellent quality and reasonable pricing. Scroll through our site; give us a call or email. We always like hearing from you and are happy to answer your questions (unless, of course, we’re in the field product testing — aka out training or hunting).

As we slide into 2019, everyone at Ugly Dog wishes you another great year of bird and waterfowl hunting adventures, and making everlasting memories with your four-legged hunting partners.

     Terry Wilson, Chair, Board of Director

     Tank, President and Chief Purveyor of Supreme Arrogance

     Rudder, Vice President of Snarky Predator Harassment Services

     Scratch, District Flatulence Manager

    Prairie, Associate Director of Shock and Awe Klutz Maneuvers


Hunting Outfitter & Supply Store

Ugly Dog Hunting is a hunting outfitter & supply store that provides the best bird-dog hunting gear & training equipment online. Shop our collection of hunting gear for you, your dog & the hunt.