About Us

In the “What If…” world, my German wirehairs and  shorthairs would hold solid points without ever entertaining a thought of breaking. They would heel calmly even by the bird pen. They’d never drop a surprise turd in my office, bark at the UPS truck, or crowd my bed. In reality, though, that all happens from time to time (or more often). But when Rudder delivers a goose to hand or young River holds staunch on a covey of quail, it’s all worth it. I know you understand.

For 20 years helping hunting dogs work and play to their best potential, Ugly Dog has carried gear from top-of-the-line manufacturers such as Avery, Boyt, Dakota 283, Garmin, Browning, and Mud River. We choose manufacturers that focus on intelligently designed products with excellent quality and reasonable pricing. We are based in northern Vermont but hunt in many regions of the country, field testing our products for all types of wingshooting and in a variety of conditions. Scroll through our site; give us a call or email. We are happy to answer questions or make recommendations

Life continues to bring new challenges and new delights. This year we said goodbye to Tank who led the Ugly Dog team with all the arrogance he believed his outstanding hunting skills entitled him to. His daughter Rudder now runs the company although our newest wirehair, River, is already plotting a corporate coup. Together, everyone at Ugly Dog wishes you, your family, and your hunting dogs good health, new adventures afield, and laughter each day.

     Terry Wilson, Chair, Board of Director

     Rudder, President and Supreme Leader of Snarkiness

     Scratch, Vice President of Oversized Goober Services

     Prairie, Excrement Culinary Analysis Engineer

     River, Head of R & D for Hypersonic Chukar Chasing

Hunting Outfitter & Supply Store

Ugly Dog Hunting is a hunting outfitter & supply store that provides the best bird-dog hunting gear & training equipment online. Shop our collection of hunting gear for you, your dog & the hunt.