tjwSearching for new Ugly Dog products each year always gets me psyched for the upcoming hunting season. Last year the spoiled-rotten trio (in the photo with me) impressed themselves with some first-rate work on ruffed grouse, pheasants, quail, sharptails, huns and woodcock. The wires, of course, had a mouthful of ducks and geese regularly, too. I’d like to say their only complaint was when I missed a shot, but these three know no limit to their ability to give unsolicited criticism. Last year it was the Ugly Dog website. They demanded a new one.

Too cute Rudder, aka “Puppy Perfect,” said the new site has to be mobile device friendly so no one will miss seeing her photos. Tank the Crank wanted less scrolling and more direct product access. Shotwad “Feed Me” Scratch didn’t really care what the website was doing but figured a newer one might mean more sales which would mean more revenue which would mean more food for him.

So Ugly Dog did as the staff directed. We are pretty excited about this new site. It’s got a whole new look, better screen compatibility, mobile access, info on product availability and a lot more great new features.  The website also carries our full inventory, so if you click around here you will see many items that we can’t fit in our printed catalog.

Ugly Dog is pleased to offer some outstanding new products such as the SnakeArmor dog snake-protection vest, Columbia’s 3-in-1 Ptarmigan Interchange Parka, and Boyt’s waterproof fleece women’s shooting jacket. There are lots more, so I hope you will enjoy browsing through and checking out the high quality, rugged items we’ve found. As always, we field test all our products and stand behind everything we offer.

Many thanks for your business and your appreciation of hunting dogs, ugly and otherwise.

Terry Wilson, Chair, Board of Director
Tank, CEO & Radical Attitude Adjustment Officer
Rudder, Vice President & Director of Corn Snake Elimination Services
Scratch, Chief of Foodstuffs Hoovering and Comprehensive  Counter Surfing