About Us

Ugly Dog Hunting Staff Photo

We have a problem at Ugly Dog. The newest member of our staff, Prairie, is way too cute to support our mission. Having an adorable dog on the payroll contradicts our company’s dedication to championing ugly dogs. She’s doing a fine job, however, at logging some ugly dog moments on her time card: eating half a training chukar, perfecting her crate whine, and doing her best to nail guests right where they’d prefer not to have a 45 lb. dog imitating a nuclear missile. CEO Tank and Chief Predator Rudder are monitoring her apprenticeship and have granted her a six month trial period.

This fall at Ugly Dog, we are concentrating on offering our entire – and expanded – inventory online. We know many customers liked flipping through the catalog, but by going completely digital, we save a ton of money that lets us keep the product costs down and flexibility up. It also allows us to offer Free Shipping on orders over $50 (with a few exceptions – some large items that ship directly from the manufacturer and shipments to Canada).

After 17 years in the catalog business, this is a change for us but one we’re excited about. Thank you all for your support in the past and in the future. We’re looking forward to many more years of offering serious gear for you, your dog, and the hunt.   — Terry Wilson

p.s. 17 years and we STILL refuse to offer silly neckties, doggie coasters or tweed knickers.


Terry Wilson, Chair, Board of Director

Tank, CEO & Radical Attitude Adjustment Officer

Rudder, Vice President & Director of Corn Snake Elimination Services

Scratch, Chief of Foodstuffs Hoovering and Comprehensive  Counter Surfing

Prairie, Junior Intern in charge of Corporate and Uncivil Disobedience


Hunting Outfitter & Supply Store

Ugly Dog Hunting is a hunting outfitter & supply store that provides the best bird-dog hunting gear & training equipment online. Shop our collection of hunting gear for you, your dog & the hunt.