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Hunting Gear for Bird Dogs

Unless he’s absorbed in some serious carton gnawing or frog pounding, Scrub gets psyched when the UPS truck arrives because he knows it means more cool gear for Ugly Dog. In fact, Turbo Moose (as we’re calling Scrub these days because of his pre-bird-season zealous training behavior) was beside himself with glee when we cleaned out our Tri-Tronics training collars and packed old inventory away — until he saw more great expandable model Tri-Tronics training collars. I haven't seen him pull a face like that since the time he pee'd on the neighbor’s electric fence. But he’ll still agree, a day in the field, even with an e-collar on, is always a good day when you're a bird dog.

And since a good bird dog is key to a successful hunt, we make sure we have the best equipment on hand to keep our four-legged friends on scent. Here you will find training collars, dog collars, beepers, fowl trainers, and dog training videos and DVDs. We let Scrub test all our dog protective gear, dog vests, dog kennels and dog beds. We carry dog first aid kits, cords and leads, and plenty of other supplies to keep your bird dog hunting, happy, and in excellent bird-finding shape.

Scrub and I stand behind all the products we sell; we want to make sure you’re satisfied. If you need it, but don't see it here, call us or send us an e-mail and we'll see what we can do.

Good hunting,
Terry Wilson, President
Scrub, CEO






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